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Please take a look at our Artisan listings, there will be contact information, e-mail addresses,

and clickable links to their online shops and websites if available.   


Spiderwrulf ~ Webmaster and Artisan & Cloudwalker ~ Family Firekeeper

Please visit our shop by clicking the banner above or visit our website at:

Backwoods Survival Skills

Skills Videos, Native American Skills,

Traditionally Handcrafted Speciality Items

Bill and Susie Gingras

P.O. Box 2303 Lenoir, N.C. 28645


Big Bear Traders

Silversmith, Native American Arts & Crafts,

On site repairs

Steve & Elaine


Black Wolf Trading Post

Arts & Crafts handmade; custom orders welcome.

Wood & leather work; dance sticks & shields; fans.....

James Black Wolf & Anita Quicksilver Hansen

352-735-0909  or  cell 352-308-6542

Carol 'Crystal' Woman

Handmade Pottery, Artwork, Jewelry


Laughing Woman Trading Company

Nancy Robinson

Rose Creek Band of Muskogee Descendants

of Choctawhatchee Creek Indian Nation


DeLuna Arts

Fine Art & Photography

Original artwork & prints by Paul DeLuna  


Black Bear Creations

Hand Crafted Semi-Precious Gemstones & Magnetic Jewelry

Jimmy Medicine Eagle 727-460-3775


Flight Feather Flutes

Utah & Anita Farris

Flute Maker, Flute Player, Native American Style Flutes,

Flute Bags


Grill On Wheels

Ozetta Gipson

Food and Drinks, Specializing in 100% Buffalo Burgers,

Indian Tacos and More

321-277-9688 or 352-343-1930

"Wind in her Hair"

Lola R. Swimmer ~ Taino - Artist and Writer

& Dean Swimmer - E.B.C.I

Art That Speaks without Words!!

Fine Art, Feather Art, Leather Art and Prints


Honey Man

Phil & Dee Apiary

Dee Moore


Cherokee Designs by Rebecca

Artist, Crafter, Seamstress & Sculptor

Rebecca & Dewayne Rucker

904-635-3675 or 904-307-8787

2 Weavers

Charlotte Gardner

Custom Hand-woven Sashes, Garters, Drops, Straps and Sundries

Campaign Ribbons, Arm & Leg Ties, Metis Sash


Inner Mountain Stones and Woods

Sandie Buttry

Walking Sticks, Gourd Art, Wands, Rattles,

Wire Wrapping, Stones, Fossils


Intertribal Spirit Designs

Diane 'Bear Hug'

Dreamcathers; medicine wheels; leather goods; spiritual items 



Creative Gourd Art

Carrie Lynn - Gourd Artist & Teacher

Chattanooga, TN




Island Flutes by Ray Wood

Wood and Bamboo Native American Style Flutes


Dixie's Treasures

Little Flower

Tipi's for sale or Rent ~ 5 sizes

Beads, Bones, Stone, Feather, Leathers, Handmade Jewelry

386-366-0683 or 386-747-9221

M.Y. Crafts



Mama Turtle and Babies Craft

Maxine Loudenslager, Evelyn Nye, Diane Murphy

Cloth, Leather, Jewelry, and crafts


MicMac Traders

Carmen Hooke


Native Andes Center & Malkuri

Jamie Chavez

Traditional Music & Handmade Crafts



Authentic American Indian Art

Diane Hutchens - Iowa/Omaha

Handmade Beadwork, Dream Catchers, Earrings



Owl GoingBack

Author, Storyteller

Peace Pipe Leather Traders

Beth and Gary Hayes

Furs, Custom Leather Work, Regalia, Hand Drums,

Pow Wow Drums, Antler Carvings, Herbs


Trailwalker Crafts

Buckskin Purses, Pouches, and Moccasins’

Dean and Tanya Morrison

PO Box 892 Springville, Alabama 35146

Phone - 205.467.2408

R & R Collectables

Becky & Bruce Meyers

Southwest Pottery, Jewelry, Beadwork, Artifacts,

Artwork, and T-Shirts


Ruth Ann's Southwest Treasures

All Native American Made Jewelry

Darrel & Ruth Ann Motley


Shadow Wolf Creations

Custom Bead Work

Shadow Wolf & Badger Hawk

386-677-9886 or 386-675-7909

Spotted Pony Traders

Jeff & Cindy Kruger

Leather, Leather and Cloth Clothing,

Furs, Antlers, Skulls, and Beads

352-372-4875 or 352-682-2761

Fingerweave Made to Order

Mary Randi

Fingerweave Belts, sashes, etc.


The Fires of Two Feathers

Richard & Helen Burke

Traditional Plains Silver, Contemporary Silver,

Native Style Arts & Crafts


Papa's World Famous Kettle Corn

Ross and Marie Richardson

386-615-7677 or 800-585-ROSS (7677)

Turtle Island Arts

North American Indian Folk Art

Mark Barfoot

Sculptures, Sculpted Jewelry, Flutes, Drums, and Music   and


Turtle Lodge

Catherine TurtleDawn LaCourse

Crafts, clothing, interactive demonstrations

Home:(352)546-5512 or Cell:(352) 598-7591

Two Eagles Kitchen

Doo Daa Inn

Doyle and Terri Johnson

All you can eat Breakfast,

Specialty Beverages Root Beers and our Heritage Fry Bread

Two-Bears Trading Post

Carrie 'Two Bears' Martin & Yogi 'Thunderbear' Coyote

Native American Replicas, Wire Wrap,

Custom Jewelry, Knives, Pipes and Dream Catchers,

Custom Work Our Specialty

386-214-8626 or 386-214-2691

When Pigs Fly Forge

Custom Ironwork

Randy Rain


Wild Spirit Traders

Betty & Dave

Dave ~ Flint Knapper

Jewelry, Leather, Deer Bags, and Fur Bags


Anikituhwaki Crafts

Books, Jewelry, Dance Sticks, Fans etc...

Don Harris

Chase City, VA



Soaring Eagle Native Arts

Harry & Barbara Duran


Black Hawk Creations

Engraved Copper Jewelry, Handmade Leather Clothing,

Multi Medium Artwork

Steve and Barbera

Facebook: Black Hawk Creations

Etsy shop: Black Hawk Creations




Nakoma Art Traditions & Crafts

Nature and the Native American

Nakoma & Kati Volkman

Rochester, MN




Boothes will be set up for the Performers and Special Guests also

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For additional Information or to become a sponsor,

Call Tony Ledford at: 352 636-4271  or  352 589-0045