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Wrede’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

Home of Thunder - American Bald Eagle

It all started in 1986 with an orphaned Opossum found at the school Karen Wrede worked. The Wrede's obtained a permit in order to care for this samll creature. Shortly after that a Game Warden asked them to be come wildlife rehabilitators for the injured and abandoned animals in the area. In 1989, the center moved to it's present location on wilderness trail. From caring for one injured opossum the center has progressed to caring for a variety of animals including eagles, bobcats, foxes and deer. the Wrede's have created specialized techniques to heal broken wings of the large birds of prey. Handling Wildlife: Some animals are injured beyond their ability to be released back into the wild. These animals are cared for by the center as permanent residents. They are used to educate the public and many organizations that frequent the center. The center is NOT STATE, FEDERALLY OR LOCALLY funded and relies entirely on proceeds from private contributions.

Donations Accepted

4820 Wilderness Trail

Sebring, Florida 33875



Mobile Vet Centers

877-WAR-VETS (927-8387)

Mobile Vet Center, Servicing War Veterans and their family members.  When a VA Vet Center is miles from your home, it's a long drive to access its many services. When those services come to you on wheels, life gets a little more convenient. The Mobile Vet Centers (MVCs) of the Department of Veterans Affairs provide readjustment counseling and information resources to Veterans across the country. Like community-based Vet Centers, Mobile Vet Centers focus on services that help Veterans make the difficult transition between military and civilian life. The 50 motorized vehicles - resembling super-sized recreational vehicles - are driven to far-reaching rural areas to provide Veterans with services such as counseling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Military Sexual Trauma, bereavement counseling, marriage and family counseling, and resources like VA benefits information and suicide prevention referrals.


Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary

EARS is a not-for-profit organization in Citra, Florida that exists specifically to provide a permanent home for unwanted and/or abused endangered animals. EARS also rescues animals that are in need of help. From tigers, lions, cougars, bears and primates... EARS has them all! We rely entirely upon public support through donations to keep EARS in operation. There are many ways you can help, from donations of cash, materials, labor, purchasing EARS Gear, to sponsoring one of the many residents at EARS. Founded in 2001 by Jaye Perrett and Gail Bowen, EARS provides excellent living conditions for previously malnourished, abused and even abandoned big cats and other domestic and exotic animals. Our motto at EARS is "Preserving With Dignity".

EARS Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary P.O. BOX 3686 Ocala, FL 34478



Mayo Clinic Native American Cancer Programs


The American Indian/Alaska Native Cancer Information Resource Center and Learning Exchange

The Native CIRCLE is a resource center providing cancer-related materials to health care professionals and lay people involved in the education, care and treatment of American Indians and Alaska Natives.


American Indian/Alaska Native Leadership Initiative on Cancer

American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations have very high incidence rates for specific cancer sites and poor survival rates for most cancers. This AI/AN Leadership Initiative on Cancer addresses comprehensive tribal cancer control through partnerships with The Network for Cancer Control Research among AI/AN populations, tribes, multiple cancer centers, Cancer Information Services (CIS), and the American Cancer Society (ACS).


Our program provides on-site training to nurses for the early detection of breast and cervix cancer.

Mission Statement
The Native WEB seeks to eliminate unnecessary breast and cervix cancer deaths among underserved women.



Our vision  is to increase the quality of life and provide the interventions necessary to sustain and enhance life for critically ill and chronically ill children with cancer and and other life-threatening illnesses, and to see that those children whose survival depends on finding a compatible bone marrow or blood stem cell donor have the maximum opportunity for a cure.

Kids Beating Cancer's Founder and CEO received the impressive 2004 Community Honoree Award from the National Speaking of Women's Health Foundation.  This award was presented at the 2004 Orlando Convention on August 14, 2004 at the Orlando Convention Center.


For additional Information or to become a sponsor,

Call Tony Ledford at: 352 636-4271 or 352 589-0045